Mingnike Introduction


Mingnike Introduction

Founded in 1994, Beijing Mingnike Analytical Instruments (BMAI) became a specified technical consulting and a services company, proposing complete solutions for clients who are interested in chromatographic analysis in research, academics, and industries as well, providing wide range of analytical instruments and chromatograph consumables in China.

Our main business was devoted, but not limited, to the following areas, including analytical instrumentation, chromatographic analysis and consumables, and analysis of petrochemical products. We thus established a platform for a timely communication between manufacturers of analytical instruments home and abroad and industrial and research/academic users of interest.

Located in Beijing, the capital of developing China, we have divisions of international partnership, R&D department, laboratories for applications, marketing and sale force, and updated internet/mobile commerce.  We gradually built up a strong technical support group which consists of experts in petrochemistry, gas analysis, chromatographic analysis and applications
Over the years we have been distributing products of RESTEK, VICI, Wasson-ece, Grace, HandyTube, Scion, etc. Our sale force, armed with professional background, worked diligently to expand potential market. We therefore became the primary choice of business in China that provides analytic instruments, consumables and services as well.
As we grew, we currently are a direct provider for several Fortune 500 companies in China, such as SINOPEC, PetroChina and Agilent etc. Our market has extensively penetrated into the areas of petrochemistry, environmental protection, air separation, electric power, health, medicine, disease control, food safety, and research and academic as well.
We successfully provided a complete set of solutions for refinery, gas industry, such as trace impurity analysis of pure gas etc. We have good relationship with Agilent, Shimadzu, PE, and so on, working together to provide GC analysis and to support the technical renovation programs in China. We enjoy a good reputation in these areas and our projects were highly acknowledged by several international companies and petrochemical industries as well. We were several long-term stable partners of major manufacturers globally.
We cordially welcome manufacturers around world to join our friendship and partnership, introducing and distributing your quality products into Chinese market. Together, make tomorrow better and life easier! With your help, we are devoted to become an international company specified in professional chromatographic technology.

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